General K'Vagh was a Klingon flag officer of the Imperial Fleet during the 2150s. He oversaw Doctor Antaak's scientific program to develop Klingon Augments, using recovered Human Augment DNA.

K'Vagh supervised Antaak during the initial testing of Augment DNA on several Klingons. However, during the course of this research the augmented Klingon DNA caused a relatively minor virus to mutate into a highly contagious lethal pathogen. When the Klingon subjects continued to die from the effects of the virus, K'Vagh ordered the kidnapping of Dr. Phlox in order to obtain the Denobulan's help in stopping the disease that was threatening to destroy the Empire.

K'Vagh's reasons for taking part in the program were also personal, as his own son, Marab, was an Augment. Throughout their time in the military, K'Vagh gave no special treatment to his son, at the young man's request, but was still anxious to save Marab's life when the young officer began to sicken from the effects of the disease. K'Vagh eventually volunteered himself as a test subject when Antaak and Phlox developed a possible cure. (ENT: "Affliction", "Divergence")

K'Vagh was played by actor James Avery.
Since Antaak lost his cranial ridges as a result of the cure, it is implied that K'Vagh also became a "smooth forehead" Klingon, although he is never seen after taking the cure.
The novel Live by the Code gives his full name as K'Vagh, son of Wor'maq.

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