A K'Vort-type escape pod.

The K'Vort-type escape pod was an escape pod used by the Klingons for their K'Vort-class Birds-of-Prey.

In 2375, following an attack on the IKS Koraga by the Dominion in which the crew had to abandon the ship, at least seven escape pods were launched. The six escape pods that were launched from the starboard side were recovered by the IKS Rotarran, although Worf's escape pod was launched from the port side and was the one closest to the Bird-of-Prey's bridge. After launch, the escape pod drifted into the Badlands and was subsequently swept by the currents of the plasma storms.

After the USS Defiant was unable to find the escape pod, Ezri Dax used the USS Gander to search for it. Dax realized that the pod would have been carried into the Badlands and cut her runabout's engines, hoping the currents would take her to the pod. She was later able to find the pod and rescue Worf, who had been passing time by singing the Klingon opera piece Gav'ot toH'va. (DS9: "Penumbra")

The Klingon Bird of Prey Owners' Workshop Manual, a reference book looking at Klingon starships and technology, features the Klingon escape pod.
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