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K'mtar was an alias briefly used by Alexander Rozhenko when he traveled back in time to 2370. The K'mtar alias was an adult male Klingon who purportedly served as gin'tak to the House of Mogh.


In approximately 2410, an adult Alexander Rozhenko had become a diplomat. His efforts for peace were perceived as a weakness by other Klingons. This ultimately led his political enemies to assassinate his father, Worf, on the floor of the Klingon High Council Chamber. Rozhenko was unable to save him, which he perceived to be due to his never training as a warrior and becoming a diplomat instead.

In order to attempt to prevent his father's death, Alexander traveled approximately forty years back in time to 2370. In that time period, Alexander staged an assassination attempt on the Worf of that time, leaving evidence framing the House of Duras.

Alexander then adopted the identity of K'mtar, gin'tak to the House of Mogh. He hoped that Worf would be sufficiently worried by the assassination attempt that he could convince Worf to send the young Alexander of that time period to a Klingon training academy, thus enabling him to protect his father in the future.

When Worf stated that he would let Alexander make the choice, K'mtar threatened to invoke ya'nora kor, a bid to take custody of Alexander away from Worf. When this failed, he snuck into Alexander's room, and attempted to kill him, knowing that this would end his own existence, but save his father.

Worf caught K'mtar as he was about to carry out his plan, and attempted to kill K'mtar. While being choked, K'mtar confessed to Worf that he was actually Alexander, and expalined why he had returned from the future. Worf told him that with time now disrupted, anything could happen, and that things had changed. (TNG: "Firstborn")

K'mtar was played by actor James Sloyan.