General K'orin was a Klingon flag officer who lived during the late 24th century. He was described by Starfleet Ensign Brad Boimler as "one of the most decorated, battle-hardened Klingon warriors in history."

K'orin was also a friend of Beckett Mariner, who according to her, they had done some "off-the-books grey ops stuff back in the day", and that she and K'orin were blood bonded. One of their missions together was on Jaxxa Prime.

In 2380, K'orin was transported aboard the USS Cerritos to Tulgana IV so that he could take part in the peace accords there. Once the Cerritos arrived, he was escort to the surface by Boimler and Mariner aboard the shuttle Yosemite. En route he and Mariner drank, while Boimler piloted.

As they were about to land, K'orin requested to be taken to "Little Qo'noS" for some gagh, but was so drunk by the time they landed, passed out and pooped on his sword. However, as Boimler and Mariner spoke outside the shuttlecraft, K'orin proceeded to steal it, which, according to Mariner, was something he had done before on both Vulcan and Earth.

He was later found passed out on the doorstep of the planet's Federation Embassy. (LD: "Envoys")

K'orin design sketch

K'orin was voiced by Jess Harnell.
Zan Czyzewski posted an image of K'orin's design sketches on Instagram. [1]
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