Kabatris was an inhabited planet.

Prior to stardate 41636, William T. Riker spoke with the leadership council of Kabatris, wearing furs in keeping with their wishes.

In 2364, Riker made reference to this event while talking about the compromises required for diplomacy. For a meeting with the Elected One, Beata, on Angel I, Riker wore a revealing outfit which was the traditional male garb. When Natasha Yar and Deanna Troi confronted him about his chest-baring get-up, he compared the outfit to his fur adornments for the Kabatris meeting, as well as another meeting on Armus IX, where he wore feathers. (TNG: "Angel One")

This planet was only mentioned in dialogue.
According to StarTrek.com, the pronunciation for Kabatris was "kuh-BATT-triss". [1]
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