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The Kadi were a spacefaring humanoid species native to the Delta Quadrant, who practiced a strictly ascetic religious lifestyle.


The Kadi were distinguished by their bulbous, bifurcated foreheads. Unlike most species, Kadi blood lacked enzymes capable of breaking down synthehol. Thus, they could become intoxicated from syntheholic beverages, and suffer hangovers afterward.


In 2375, USS Voyager engaged in trade negotiations with a Kadi colony for minerals. Captain Kathryn Janeway and Commander Tuvok visited the Kadi, while Kadi Ambassador Tomin visited Voyager to evaluate the worthiness of its crew. However, Tomin took the opportunity to overindulge in experiences normally forbidden to him, including food, drink, and carousing, and eventually passed out from synthehol. Seven of Nine adapted some of her nanoprobes to assimilate the synthehol molecules, allowing Tomin to recover in time to conceal his indiscretions from his superiors and ensure the success of the negotiations.

Culture and society

The Kadi were religious and worshiped a figure known as the Goddess Mother. Kadi monks only washed with purified water, via an ablutionary fountain, and observed eight daily services on a prayer dais. They were required to perform penance if they missed a service.

Kadi males and females worked separately. Reputed to be easily offended, they disapproved of spices or anything else that inflamed the senses, and had strict rules against medical procedures that have not been sanctified. Even Kadi novitiates were expected to abide by these restrictions, and those who violated them were banished. Nevertheless, sometimes new experiences could be permitted, so long as they did not become habits.

Cloth used in Kadi ritual greeting

When meeting Kadi for the first time, it was proper to offer a ritual greeting: "Travellers who have left the sanctity of their home and family, we welcome you into our home, our family." To which the Kadi would respond: "Accept these symbols of our purity and the Goddess Mother's blessing," and drape white cloths over the shoulders of the visitors. (VOY: "Someone to Watch Over Me")