Kafar was a male Takarian servant to Arridor and Kol when the two Ferengi posed as the Holy Sages on the Takarian homeworld in 2373.

As the servant of the "Holy Sages," he lived in relative luxury while the rest of the poverty-stricken planet struggled to survive. However, he was still treated harshly by the Sages for perceived failures, which he lived with.

When Neelix arrived from the USS Voyager, impersonating the Grand Proxy and then the Holy Pilgrim, Kafar was pleased at the possibility of the Sages leaving. When USS Voyager beamed the "Sages" aboard, Kafar assumed he would inherit their power, but they came back. Later, when the Holy Pilgrim announced himself to the people and the Sages tried to discredit him, Kafar helped the Pilgrim, completing the Song of the Sages. He led the mob that attempted to send the "Sages" and Neelix back where they came from. He did get carried away and encouraged burning all three of them, but the Voyager was able to beam them out. After the "Sages" departed, Kafar began handing out their accumulated wealth to the citizens. (VOY: "False Profits")

Kafar was played by Rob LaBelle.
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