Kaferian apple

A Kaferian apple tree

The Kaferian apple was a type of apple native to a planet visited by James T. Kirk and Gary Mitchell. A typical Kaferian apple resembled a pomegranate, had dark seeds inside, and grew on a tree.

Kaferian apples were the first form of food created by Gary Mitchell after gaining psionic powers in 2265. He told Elizabeth Dehner that whenever he had visited their planet, he had always favored the fruit. (TOS: "Where No Man Has Gone Before")

In the script of "Where No Man Has Gone Before", Kaferian apples were described as "huge red fruit" and the tree on which they grew was referred to as "a low, odd-shaped tree."
Novels as well as reference works such as The Worlds of the Federation extrapolated this reference into the Kaferian species, an insectoid Federation member species hailing from Kaferia, aka Tau Ceti III.
While never seen on-screen, the cover of the Handbook of Exobiology featured Kaferian apples as well as Talosian singing plants. [1] A Kaferian apple tree was also illustrated on the front cover of A Child's Garden of Lifeforms in Our Galaxy. (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Companion, p. 579)

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