Kago-Darr was a bounty hunter active in the mid-22nd century.

In 2153, Kago was contacted by Captain Goroth, a Klingon soldier who was attempting to apprehend Starfleet captain Jonathan Archer, who was considered a fugitive in the Klingon Empire. Goroth offered Kago a large reward for Archer's capture, spurring Kago to attack his longtime rival Skalaar, a fellow bounty hunter who had succeeded in apprehending the Starfleet officer. With Archer's help, Skalaar was able to disable Kago's vessel, forcing him to make an emergency landing on an L-class planet. As Kago was making repairs, he was contacted by Archer's crew, and informed them of the fact that Archer had a bounty placed on him by the Klingons. (ENT: "Bounty")

Kago-Darr was played by Robert O'Reilly, better known for playing Gowron.
In the final draft script of "Bounty", Kago-Darr was described as "menacing-looking".
Robert O'Reilly appreciated how the role of Kago-Darr gave him an opportunity to participate in Star Trek once again. However, he admitted that, as was typical for him, his eyes made him look familiar, even with all the make-up on. (Star Trek: Communicator issue 145, p. 54)
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