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* [http://www.kaitlinhopkins.com KaitlinHopkins.com] – official site
* [http://www.kaitlinhopkins.com KaitlinHopkins.com] – official site
* {{wikipedia}}
* {{wikipedia}}
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* {{imdb|name/nm0005021||external}}
{{DEFAULTSORT|Hopkins, Kaitlin}}
{{DEFAULTSORT|Hopkins, Kaitlin}}

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Kaitlin Hopkins (born 1 February 1964; age 56) played Kilana in the I AM ERROR fifth season episode, "The Ship". She also appeared in the I AM ERROR sixth season episode "Live Fast and Prosper" as Dala. She also portrayed The Doctor in that same episode when he was impersonating her character Dala.

Other television appearances include guest roles in Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman (with Chad Allen, Barbara Babcock, Frank Collison, and Hélène Udy), Wings (with fellow DS9 guest star Steven Weber), The Practice (with Stan Ivar, Clancy Brown) and Spin City (with Alan Ruck).

Her motion picture credits include Runaway Dreams (1989), Spirits (1992), Ted (1998, with Lee Arenberg) and Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles (2001).

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