Alternate Reality
(split 2233)

Kalara's ship was part of an elaborate ruse that Kalara told members of the Federation, in an attempt to lure the USS Enterprise to the planet Altamid, in order for Krall to obtain a piece of the Abronath.

Upon coming aboard Starbase Yorktown, Kalara claimed that her ship had been on a science mission in the Necro Cloud nebula when the craft had suffered "a critical malfunction," and that, after she had taken an escape pod from the vessel, her ship had crash landed on a nearby alien planet.

The starbase's crew subsequently tracked the ship to a sector of the nebula, and the Enterprise, due to having the best navigational system in Starfleet, was dispatched on a mission to rescue the stranded crew. When the Enterprise reached the planet Altamid, Kalara identified it as the place her ship was stranded.

However, after the Enterprise was attacked and destroyed by Krall and a fleet of Swarm ships, Kalara stated her ship had been attacked by Krall, that he had kidnapped her crew, and that she had lied because Krall had blackmailed her into doing so, promising to set her crew free in return. Kalara later admitted to Kirk that her "sad story" had been just that, though she died shortly after this admittance. (Star Trek Beyond)

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