Kalo was an Iotian gangster employed by boss Bela Okmyx on Sigma Iotia II in 2268.

That year, he and Mirt captured Captain James T. Kirk, Doctor Leonard McCoy, and Mr. Spock from the USS Enterprise, after they beamed to the Northside Territory to meet with Okmyx. En route to Okmyx's headquarters, they were gunned down in a hit from members of Jojo Krako's gang, killing Mirt.

He later stood by with a second hood when Okxyx requested Kirk provide him a hundred "heaters" within eight hours. When Kirk refused, he escorted Kirk, McCoy and Spock to a warehouse where they held the "Feds" captive. He and two other hoods played a form of poker to pass time. Kirk would later distract Kalo with a game of fizzbin to make an escape. Kalo would be rendered unconscious by Spock's Vulcan nerve pinch.

He would recover soon after, and awaited the beam-down of Spock and McCoy, informing Okmyx that "They can't do nothing till they're through sparkling." When Kirk entered Bela's office, Kirk ordered both hoods to undress, so that he and Spock could disguise themselves as Iotian gangsters; with Kirk wearing Kalo's attire. He sat the remainder of the time in his underwear on a couch in Okmyx's office, under the watch of Dr. McCoy. (TOS: "A Piece of the Action")

Kalo was played by actor Lee Delano.

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