For the planet, please see Kaminar.

Kaminer was a civilian member of the USS Enterprise-D crew in 2369.

Kaminer was one of the individuals abducted by the solanogen-based lifeforms when the Enterprise-D accidentally provided them a doorway into this universe. Although the lifeforms erased all memory of the encounters from their victims, affected Enterprise-D crew still suffered side-effects such as sleeplessness, irritability, and paranoia.

Kaminer was one of several crewmembers who contacted Counselor Deanna Troi about these symptoms, and Troi had Kaminer, William Riker, Geordi La Forge, and Worf meet in the conference lounge to discuss the situation.

Along with the other abductees, Kaminer provided input for a holodeck simulation of the laboratory in subspace where the crewmembers were taken, which prompted a subsequent medical investigation and the discovery of the abductions. (TNG: "Schisms")

Kaminer was played by Angelina Fiordellisi.
Kaminer's name comes from the end credits. The script describes her as "a female civilian", and was not mentioned in dialogue. She was named after author Wendy Kaminer. (Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion 2nd ed., p. 221)
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