Kantare script

Kantare were an humanoid species from the planet Kantare. This planet was located in the Beta Quadrant. They had scale-like violet colored markings on the sides of their head from the hairline to the temples, and at the base of the skull. The Kantare had a colony on the planet Kotara Barath as of 2129. They developed sophisticated holographic technology some time before this. (ENT: "Oasis")

The name of this species, and the quadrant that their homeworld was located in, was not identified in the episode, but instead comes from the final draft script of "Oasis", and a reference found at StarTrek.com. The costumes for the Kantare also feature tags that state 'Kantare aliens'.
In the final draft script of "Oasis", the Kantare were at first merely described as "humanoid aliens." A later description referred to them as "a mix of men and women, of varying ages from thirties to sixties." For the first scene in which multiple Kantare appear (a crowd scene), precisely eighteen members of the species were scripted to be present.


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