Kareen Brianon was a female Human in the 24th century and personal assistant to Doctor Ira Graves.

Brianon came to the planet Gravesworld with her father when she was very young. Unfortunately, her father soon died, and she lived there until 2365. Once she was old enough, she became Graves' personal assistant. He took the responsibility to teach her, notably, all her knowledge of non-Humans came from him.

She also cared for him during his terminal illness. In 2365, when Graves' illness caused his health to fall rapidly, she contacted the USS Enterprise-D.

Following Graves' death, he had transferred his consciousness into Lieutenant Commander Data, becoming jealous when he saw any attention being given to Kareen. He had fallen in love with her, but there was too big an age difference between them. He offered to build an android for her mind, but this repulsed her. When he grabbed her while arguing with her, he fractured her left hand, as he was not used to Data's superior strength. Though her injuries were treated, Graves soon realized what he had lost and left Data's body shortly thereafter.

Afterwards, the Enterprise dropped Kareen off at Starbase 6, where she awaited transport back to Earth. (TNG: "The Schizoid Man")

Kareen Briannon was played by Barbara Alyn Woods.
"Kuh-REEN Bree-ANN-un" was the pronunciation for this character's name from the script pronunciation guide. Additionally, the script stated that she was in her twenties. [1]
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