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[[File:Kasheeta onscreen.jpg|thumb|A Kasheeta Federation council member]]
[[Image:Kasheeta.jpg|thumb|right|A Kasheeta Federation council member]] The '''Kasheeta''' are a [[humanoid]] species of [[saurian]] descent and members of the [[United Federation of Planets]].
The '''Kasheeta''' were a [[humanoid]] [[species]] of [[saurian]] descent, whose [[homeworld]] was a [[Federation members|member]] of the [[United Federation of Planets]] by the late [[23rd century]].
Kasheeta had reddish-orange [[skin]], larger [[skull|craniums]] than most humanoid species, and pronounced ridges over their [[eye]]s, which themselves were situated further to the sides of the [[head]] than was typical for many species.
Kasheeta have a physiology suggesting a [[reptilian]] evolution similar to that of the [[Voth]] [[Races and cultures|race]] of the [[Delta Quadrant]]. They have reddish-orange skin, larger craniums than most humanoid species and pronounced ridges over their [[eye]]s which themselves are situated further to the sides of the head than is typical for many species.
In [[2286]], a [[Kasheeta councilor 001|Kasheeta]] [[councilor]] attended a [[Federation Council]] [[trial]] of [[James T. Kirk]]. ({{film|4}})
In [[2285]] the Kasheeta were represented on the [[Federation Council]]. ([[Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home]])
== Appendices ==
=== Background information ===
[[File:Kasheeta.jpg|thumb|Headpiece for the Kasheeta]]
The name of this species comes from [[FASA]]'s ''[[Star Trek IV Sourcebook Update]]''. While strictly a non-[[canon]] source, it is the only widely [[Memory Alpha:Resource policy#Supplementary resources|recognized source]] for names of most of the ''Star Trek IV'' [[alien]]s.
According to this source, the Kasheeta's [[homeworld]] as Kashet.
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