Kasseelian opera was a genre of music. They featured Kasseelian prima donnas.

When Paul Stamets and Hugh Culber met for the first time, Culber was humming Kasseelian opera. Stamets found this atrocious and told him to "stifle it or sit somewhere else". Culber came and sat next to him instead. (DIS: "Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad")

There was a Kasseelian opera house on a moon near Starbase 46. In December 2256, Stamets invited Culber to see a showing of La bohème there. (DIS: "Into the Forest I Go")

After Stamets became trapped inside the mycelial network, he interacted with a manifestation of Culber within a replica of their quarters. He asked the computer to play a Kasseelian opera aria that he hated but Culber loved. Later, the music guided Stamets as he attempted to navigate the USS Discovery back to their original universe. (DIS: "Vaulting Ambition", "What's Past Is Prologue")

A Kasseelian prima donna trained her whole life for a single performance. After she hit the last high E note, she committed suicide by plunging a dagger into her own chest. (DIS: "Brother")

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