The Kataan natives were a humanoid species formally native to the planet Kataan in the Silarian sector. Their appearance was outwardly similar to Humans. They became extinct in the 14th century when their planet was being bombarded with increased solar radiation due to their sun going nova.

By the time of their demise, the natives appeared to be on the cusp of post-industrial evolution. Though there was no strong evidence of heavy manufacturing and the lifestyle of the one observed community more closely resembled an agrarian society, they were sufficiently advanced enough to create interstellar probes.

A small group of Kataan natives from the Ressik community in the Northern province learned that their sun was about to go nova and launched a probe containing a memory record of their civilization and a Ressikan flute, native to their culture. The probe was discovered in the 24th century by Captain Jean-Luc Picard. (TNG: "The Inner Light")

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