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The following is a list of Kataan natives.




Kataan doctor

A doctor in Ressik

The doctor was practicing in the community of Ressik. He was called when Eline fell ill again, but was too late to do anything and Eline died a short while later. (TNG: "The Inner Light")

This doctor was played by an unknown actor.

Kamin's friend

Kamins friend

A friend of Kamin's

This Ressik native was a friend of Kamin's and Eline's; he was present during Batai's naming ceremony and congratulated his friend. He was present, as an old man, when the Kataan probe was launched in a missile. (TNG: "The Inner Light")

This Kataan native was played by an unknown actor.

Ressik administrator

Kataan administrator

The Ressik administrator

The administrator was a government official in charge of the Ressik province on Kataan.

On one of his visits, he inquired about a tree in the village that was flourishing during a prolonged drought. Batai explained that it was a symbol of hope and that each family gave some of its water ration to keep the tree alive.

Kamin suggested to the visiting administrator that atmospheric condensers were needed to survive the extended drought they were currently experiencing. The administrator called him an alarmist and Kamin's ideas were rejected.

Years later, Kamin discovered that the drought would continue indefinitely, and that the planet may be doomed. The administrator told him to stop spreading rumors, that he would cause a panic. He argued with the administrator, who told him in confidence that the government scientists came to the same conclusion several years earlier, and there was an effort underway to save "some" piece of the civilization.

This piece of civilization turned out to be a probe sent from Kataan shortly before their sun went nova. It initiated a memory transfer with Captain Picard and in less than thirty minutes he experienced a full forty two years of Kamin's life. (TNG: "The Inner Light")

The administrator was played by Scott Jaeck.


The townspeople of the Ressik community planted a tree in the middle of the town square as a symbol of hope during an endless drought due to increased solar radiation from the Kataan sun that would go nova. Each resident would save a little bit of their water ration to keep the tree alive. (TNG: "The Inner Light")

The fifteenth pictured actress later played a San Francisco citizen in "Time's Arrow, Part II".
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