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Katherine Rees is a hair stylist who worked on the Star Trek: Voyager pilot episode "Caretaker". For this work she received an Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Hairstyling for a Series in 1995, shared with Josée Normand, Patricia Miller, Shawn McKay, Karen Asano-Myers, Dino Ganziano, Rebecca De Morrio, Barbara Minster, Janice D. Brandow, Gloria Ponce, Caryl Codon-Tharp, Virginia Kearns, Patricia Vecchio, Faith Vecchio, and Audrey Levy.

In 2006 Rees earned another Emmy Award nomination for her work on the Alias episode "There's Only One Sydney Bristow". Ress won two Emmy Award for Outstanding Hairstyling in 2000 for the television drama Introducing Dorothy Dandridge, shared with Hazel Catmull, Kathrine Gordon, and Virginia Kearsn, and in 2009 for the Mad Men episode "The Gold Violin", shared with Gloria Ponce.

During the '90s, Ress worked as hair stylist on productions such as the video game adaptation Super Mario Bros. (1993, with R. Christopher Boggs, Rob Burman, Roxy D'Alonzo, Vincent J. Guastini, Adam Brandy, Jake Garber, and Dean Gates), the war drama Gettysburg (1993), Roland Emmerich's science fiction blockbuster Stargate (1994), the video game adaptation Mortal Kombat (1995), the television drama Journey of the Heart (1997), the fantasy thriller The Thirteenth Floor (1999), the mystery drama The Green Mile (1999), and the television series Red Shoe Diaries (1992), Cybill (1995-1996), The Burning Zone (1996-1997), and The Visitor (1997).

Further credits include the drama series The Others (2000, with John Billingsley), David Lynch's mystery thriller Mullholland Dr. (2001), the drama The Majestic (2001), J.J. Abrams' drama series Felicity (2001-2002), the fantasy adventure Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003), the crime comedy The Whole Ten Yards (2004), the comedy 13 Going on 30 (2004), the television series Las Vegas (2003-2004), Alias (2005-2006), and Raines (2007), as hair stylist for Gwyneth Paltrow on the comic adaptation Iron Man (2008), the thriller Eagle Eye (2008), and the drama series Mad Men (2008).

More recently she worked as hair department head on the television drama The Eastmans (2009, with Belinda Bryant, Gloria Ponce, and Lygia Orta) and as hair stylist on the fantasy film G-Force (2009) and Brannon Braga's mystery series FlashForward (2009-2010).

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