Katie was a Human [child]] who lived aboard the USS Enterprise-D in 2364.

That year, Katie was one of several Enterprise children kidnapped by the Aldeans in an effort to re-populate their planet. At the time of her kidnapping, she was playing a musical instrument in her quarters. She was initially frightened upon re-materializing, but Wesley Crusher assured her that although everyone was afraid, their location was known and nobody would hurt them.

Per assignment by Radue, Katie became Melian's protégé. When learning to play an Aldean instrument under his tutelage, she initially believed she'd broken it, but he assured her that it was fine as it responded to her emotions and made music accordingly. When her next attempt produced a sad-sounding song, Melian complimented her playing and suggested she try something happier. Missing her family, she told him she felt unhappy and didn't wish to play anymore.

Despite her discontentment, she still managed to fall asleep, but was woken up by Wesley, and subsequently participated in the children's attempt at passive resistance. She initially questioned why Wesley thought it would work, as she feared the Aldeans might get angry at the children for doing so, but once again Wesley assured her no harm would come to them.

Upon Picard being beamed down to Aldea, Katie greeted the captain when he entered the room the children were being kept in, having been given the task of interrupting their protest by Radue.

Katie was later beamed back onto the Enterprise-D with the rest of the kidnapped children. (TNG: "When The Bough Breaks")

Katie was played by Jandi Swanson; according to the episode's script, she was twelve years old in 2364, placing her birth in 2352.
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