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Our Lower Deckers have trouble bonding with Ensign Jet Manhaver, who has been assigned Boimler's bunk and shift duties. Meanwhile, we get a glimpse of Boimler's life on the USS Titan, which is more intense than he thought it would be.



After a sleepless night of intermittent red alerts, Ensigns Beckett Mariner, Sam Rutherford, and D'Vana Tendi are headed to the sonic showers before the start of their shift and are met by Ensign Jet Manhaver, who has been reassigned to the beta shift. Mariner confidently welcomes him to the team, and refers to herself as the unofficial leader, much to Manhaver's confusion. In the showers, Manhaver takes the booth right next to Mariner, and she notes that they would normally leave that booth open, as Brad Boimler left it open when he was still with them, since he was uncomfortable with communal nudity. Manhaver simply replies that he's not Boimler, and that he wasn't here, ignoring Mariner's concern. In response, Mariner amplifies the shower in an act of provocation. Manhaver just brushes it off and turns it up higher. As the shower increases in frequency, they begin to disturb the other officers in the shower, but Mariner simply turns it up even higher. Unable to take the extreme frequency, the other officers run out of the showers, while Mariner and Manhaver do their best to ride out the extreme frequencies even as their noses start to bleed.

Act One[]

"Captain's log, Stardate 58001.2. Those who spend their lives and fortunes gathering scientific rarities from around the galaxy call themselves collectors. Now, a prominent collector has died, leaving behind a starship full of hazardous treasures that need to be safely catalogued. The Collector's Guild has asked the Federation for help, so the Cerritos has been tasked with the job."

On the bridge of the Cerritos, Captain Carol Freeman is offering condolences to Chairman Siggi for the passing of collector, Kerner Hauze, but Siggi merely scoffs, saying that Hauze wasn't his friend, and that Hauze's collection paled in comparison to his own. Freeman asks how the Cerritos can help, and Siggi tells them that he needs to auction off Hauze's items in accordance with the Guild rules, but doesn't know what dangerous items Hauze collected, and requests aid in helping in the disposal of anything dangerous. Freeman accepts his request, and the transmission ends. She sits down, a bit annoyed at the mannerisms of Siggi, and calls the Collectors Guild a group of "greedy packrats". Commander Jack Ransom asks if Hauze was the one that tried to collect the late Lieutenant Commander Data, (TNG: "The Most Toys") but Freeman contends that they all tried to do so. She isn't looking forward to this mission, as she is expecting the results of her command evaluation, but Ransom assures her that it sounds like a simple enough mission, and volunteers to lead the away team. Freeman declines his request, saying it's a good opportunity for their new chief of security to show what he's capable of. At that moment, a Tamarian lieutenant, named Kayshon, enters the bridge. Kayshon is the first Tamarian to join Starfleet, and he is joining the Cerritos as the chief of security. Freeman welcomes him aboard, and he gives a Tamarian greeting, which confuses the bridge crew, though he corrects his greeting so that it is better understood.

In the corridors, Mariner, Rutherford, Tendi, and Manhaver are getting ready for the away mission. Tendi is excited that they will be going on an away mission with Kayshon, while Mariner appears rather unenthusiastic about it all. Manhaver on the other hand is taking the mission very seriously, and Mariner tells him that he's being more uptight than Boimler ever was. Rutherford notes how Boimler would have loved the away mission, as he took Ethics of Collecting at Starfleet Academy, and Tendi notes how he's probably happier on the USS Titan.

Meanwhile, the Titan is in combat with a Pakled cruiser. Boimler is a bit overwhelmed but is able to carry out the orders of Captain William T. Riker as instructed. Boimler maneuvers the Titan behind the cruiser, and they fire phasers and photon torpedoes, causing the Pakleds to retreat. The crew of the Titan celebrate their victory around a very stressed and overwhelmed Boimler.

Back on the Cerritos, Mariner, Rutherford, Tendi, and Manhaver report to Kayshon in the transporter room. Kayshon is still struggling with the Federation Standard language, but Manhaver helps him out, while Mariner quietly taunts him. They beam over to Hauze's collection and meet Siggi, who instructs them to go through the items in the room, while leaving the high-end items in their cases alone. While saying this, he gestures directly at Tendi, who raises an eyebrow. Manhaver is confident that the job can be done in an hour, but Siggi tells them that they are only standing in one room: most of the collection is further in the ship.

Back on the Titan, Riker is briefing his senior officers about the recent pattern of Pakled attacks. The Pakleds are after Varuvian ore: an ore that contains volatile minerals at high vibratory frequencies and has been weaponized by terrorists in the past. The tactical officer notes that the Pakleds are unable to weaponize the ore on their own, and Riker agrees, saying Starfleet Command believes that someone else is helping them. Their intel suggests that the Pakleds are about to attack a Varuvian mining colony on Karzill IV and briefs them on an undercover mission in which they will disguise themselves as miners to plant a tracking device on the Pakled shuttle in hopes that the Pakleds will lead them to this other player. Boimler busies himself with recording the mission brief, though Riker tells him he doesn't need to write everything down. So entirely focused on what he's doing, Boimler ends up writing that down too.

Cataloguing Hauze's collection continues, and Siggi approaches Rutherford, admiring how he is one of only a few cyborgs in Starfleet. Mariner warns him that Siggi might try and collect him, and Siggi offers Rutherford his card, adding that he has a "top-notch menagerie". As Rutherford uncomfortably backs away, Tendi finds it confusing that Hauze lived alone on an automated ship, and Kayshon says that it was likely that he enjoyed the solace. Mariner goofs around while they all continue cataloguing the collection, much to Manhaver's annoyance. The two get into a small argument when suddenly the ship goes dark, and a nearby picture of Hauze displays a holographic message. The message accuses everyone of trying to steal his collection, and the ship's automated defenses activate. Siggi accuses Tendi of moving something she wasn't supposed to, and the hologram of Hauze fires a beam at Tendi. Before it can hit Tendi though, Kayshon pushes her out of the way and takes the hit himself.

Act Two[]

Kayshon screams in pain as the energy transforms him into a puppet. Shortly after this, multiple flying orbs attack the others, while various items are flung as projectiles, and exotic animals are released from their cages. Manhaver tries to contact the Cerritos for an emergency transport, but communications are blocked. Mariner and Manhaver save Kayshon's puppet from being crushed and they all escape the room. Siggi blames Tendi for stealing an item, focusing on the fact that she is Orion, and complains that he never should have gotten Starfleet involved. Mariner suggests that they need to get to the engine room to disable the defenses and comes up with a plan to go through the other galleries to get there. Manhaver however has a safer plan of getting to the ship's escape pods, while going through fewer galleries. This plan is favored by everyone else, much to the astonishment of Mariner.

Boimler is about to start his undercover operation with the other senior officers of the Titan and expresses enthusiasm for the assignment. The tactical officer notes how Riker must have been disappointed needing to remain on the Titan as he would rather be in on the action as well. The lieutenant notes how Riker must have been bored on the USS Enterprise-D since there was not as much action on that ship. Boimler is confused, and notes several instances that the Enterprise encountered the Borg, and visited multiple dimensions, but the officers just laugh it off, noting how they held numerous concerts with string quartets and had no less than five day care centers.

On the bridge of the Cerritos, Freeman is noticeably agitated, and Ransom asks her is she shouldn't check in on the away team. Freeman however is trying to show more trust in her crew, as her command evaluation results showed that she had a habit of micromanaging. While she disagrees with the results, she is confident that Kayshon has everything under control.

Back on Hauze's ship, everyone is making their way through gallery after gallery, evading traps, and helping one another out of various obstacles. As Mariner, Tendi, and Manhaver do their best to save Rutherford and Kayshon from an inorganic matter compactor, Siggi leaves them to fend for themselves, offering no assistance. Fortunately, the compactor is wrecked when the large crane it draws in slams into it. The four catch up with Siggi in a room full of skeletal displays of fossils and bones, including the skeleton of Spock Two suspended from the ceiling, wearing the tattered remains of his Starfleet uniform. Mariner angrily approaches Siggi and berates him for abandoning them, and Siggi tries to get away, when he drops Kahless' fornication helmet from under his clothes. Realizing that it was him all along that activated the ship's automated defenses, Tendi scolds him for accusing her, and he simply replies that he's not answering to any of them. Manhaver tries to warn him that he's about to back into a laser tripwire, but Siggi doesn't listen and walks into it; an alarm trigger sounds. Immediately, the bones of Spock Two drop from the ceiling and crush Siggi, killing him. Rutherford suggests that the helmet, which Siggi had donned, may have saved him... only for Spock Two's skull to drop and crush the bones where Siggi was standing even further down. The ensigns wince.

Mariner, Rutherford, Tendi, and Manhaver begin to climb the pile of bones to press forward, and Mariner criticizes Manhaver that his approach is unsafe. Manhaver counters that her plan was just as risky, and that there are always unknown variables in any plan. He also accuses Mariner of not considering the lives of her fellow crewmates, which causes her to accuse him of using his crewmates to prop him up so that he appears more heroic. As they continue to argue, a hovering robotic vacuum distracts her, causing her to hit it in annoyance. Her action triggers a network response, and numerous more vacuums surround them and begin to attack them. They run to a room, and Manhaver begins to construct a barricade of the bones, while Mariner uses the bones like a club to attack the vacuums. Both try to get Tendi and Rutherford to help them with their respective plans.

On Karzill IV, the Pakleds have attacked the mining colony, and gathered the miners up as they take over the mine. Boimler tries to inspire courage in one of the miners, but the miner has no trouble seeing that Boimler is with Starfleet, noting his soft and clean hands. Noticing the shuttle is unoccupied, the away team breaks away from the other miners to plant the tracking device, but the first officer notices another Pakled, and moves in to stun him. However, as she tries to stun him, the Pakled is revealed to just be armor covering a collection of jerky and cheese ball puffs. The Pakleds spot them by the snacks, and assuming they're trying to steal them open fire on the away team.

Back on Hauze's ship, Manhaver has constructed the barricade, and Mariner gets angry with him, as she's over how "textbook leader" he's acting. He in turn tells her that he's just trying to step up, and that she's just trying to be a renegade hero. Mariner simply says that diving in and acting in the moment is how she works the best, while Manhaver tells her that he works best by thinking things out. Manhaver asks if she thinks he's trying to be like Ransom in his approach, and the two start to laugh at the mannerisms of certain senior officers. As they stop arguing, the vacuums start to break through the barricade, and Mariner regrets having blindly hit one of the vacuums, while Manhaver regrets having taken them through this area at all. They come to the conclusion that neither of them should be in charge and ask Tendi and Rutherford if they have any ideas. Tendi finds some Excalbian bones, and notes that with enough friction, they break down and become acidic, and Rutherford notes that they can be used to cut through the wall panelling and access the engineering sub-circuits. Mariner asks why they didn't bring this up before, and Tendi responds that they weren't in charge. Mariner and Manhaver exchange an embarrassed look.

The Titan's away team seals themselves off from the Pakleds, and are hailed by Riker. Asking what's going on, the first officer requests an emergency transport, but the Titan is unable to get them out due to a disruption field interfering with the transporter. The tactical officer notes that a recent Varuvian explosion must have released an ion cloud, and Riker tells them to hang on while they compensate. The Pakleds start to break through the door by ramming it with a saw. Believing that they are about to die, the away team compliments one another by saying they are happy to go out fighting beside one another. Boimler however tells them that he didn't join Starfleet to get in fights, but to explore, making new discoveries, and getting involved with peaceful diplomacy. He goes on to say that he loved how Riker was doing the things he did on the Enterprise, like playing his trombone, or catching "love disease" or meeting his transporter duplicate, Thomas Riker. This reminds the other officers about the small reasons they themselves joined Starfleet, and they thank him for reminding them that Starfleet is more than fighting. The tactical officer notes how he didn't know that Riker had a clone of himself, and as Boimler begins to relate the technical details of how it happened, this suddenly gives him an idea. Running to a control panel, he tells the others that they might not have to die.

As the vacuums continue to break through the barricade on Hauze's ship, Tendi and Rutherford manage to ignite the tip of a bone and cut into the panels. Rutherford notes how the corridor should lead them to the escape pods, and Tendi tells them to stay alert, impressing both Mariner and Manhaver.

On the bridge of the Cerritos, Ransom assures Freeman that she can check in on the crew, but she declines. Ensign Barnes alerts her that a couple of escape pods have been jettisoned from Hauze's ship and Freeman has them put on screen. Rutherford and Tendi appear onscreen, and Freeman demands to know what happened. Rutherford tells her that the ship tried to collect them, while Tendi reveals that Kayshon was turned into a puppet. Frustrated that her lack of checking in was what caused the chaos, she says she will not be so hands-off in the future.

On Karzill IV, Boimler is working fast to compensate for the disruption field by initiating one of the mining drills and reversing the polarity, and as the senior officers shoot down the Pakleds now bursting through the door with their phasers, the Titan picks up their signatures and has everyone, but Boimler transported up. The Pakleds charge Boimler, and one throws his battle-axe at Boimler's console, causing a big explosion.

Act Three[]

The explosion has trapped Boimler under debris, and while the Pakleds attack, Riker tries to have him beamed out. However, the initial attempt is unsuccessful as the distortion field re-engages. The transporter officer reroutes main power and initiates a secondary containment beam which successfully beams Boimler into the transporter room. While Riker congratulates Boimler for his actions, the bridge notifies him that one of their shuttlecraft has been detected approaching from the planet, with its pilot signaling distress. As all the Titan officers beamed off, they suspect a Pakled trap, and ready their weapons as they beam the pilot onboard. The pilot, however, is revealed to be Boimler himself who, relieved that the senior officers are safe, managed to get away after the Pakleds got stuck in the door. They realize that the disruption field's interaction with the Titan's transporter resulted in the creation of a transporter duplicate for Boimler. Riker is delighted that they are both okay, while Boimler and his clone show some disdain for one another.

Later on, Riker calls Boimler and his clone to his ready room and commends them both for their actions on Karzill IV, noting his own uneasy experience of meeting Thomas. However, Riker says he cannot keep them both as Starfleet Command thinks their missions are too complex to have the added complication of two identical crew members being aboard one ship, and that one of them will have to be transferred to the Cerritos and demoted back to ensign. Boimler and his clone nod to one another, and Boimler steps forward, volunteering to go, though he is immediately confused as he expected his clone to do the same thing. His clone denies knowing this and says that it's real grown up for him to accept the transfer. Boimler is distraught by this, but Riker takes him aside and says that he wishes he could be on a ship that was dedicated more to exploration rather than just nonstop action. He confirms that he's referring to his time on the Enterprise-D, how he dearly misses the former flagship, and advises Boimler to appreciate every moment he has on the Cerritos. Boimler thanks him but is still a bit disappointed as he leaves the ready room. As he leaves, his clone names himself William Boimler, and begins to pal around with Riker as the captain offers some Romulan ale and calls on the computer to play "Night Bird".

As Boimler is about to depart the Titan on one of the ship's shuttlecraft, the senior staff meet him, compliment "Enterprise" for his actions on the away mission and wish him well. Boimler leaves the Titan, happy, and as the officers ponder if they will see him again, the commander reminds the others that they will since they'll be seeing his clone every day.

Kayshon as a puppet

Kayshon in a sickbay

Back on the Cerritos, Kayson has been taken to sickbay, a note taped to his biobed warning others that he's not a toy. Doctor T'Ana tells Freeman that this isn't the first time she's had to treat someone turned into a doll and he will be back to normal in an hour, before scolding Counselor Migleemo for playing with him.

In the lounge, Mariner, Rutherford, Tendi, and Manhaver are having corn together, and Mariner and Manhaver apologize to one another for their behavior. Mariner calls him a true Lower Decker, and she's about to express optimism for their future work together when Boimler enters the lounge, much to their excitement. Boimler tells them on why he was transferred back, and it's revealed that Rutherford had bet Tendi a piece of gold-pressed latinum that precise situation would occur, as he figured it was just the kind of thing that would happen to Boimler. Mariner happily invites him to sit with them, as Manhaver leaves to let them get reacquainted with one another; he's somewhat annoyed that they almost immediately ignore him to talk to Boimler. They eagerly talk about their recent away mission with Kayshon's accident and ask him if the Titan is as cool as everyone says. Boimler unenthusiastically tells them that "it was a complex bunch of characters thrown into heavily serialized battles, which always ended in mind-blowing twists, and made [him] question the basic tenets of [his] reality," but he's much more interested in hearing about the 'puppet ray' as it's just the kind of thing he lives for. Mariner calls for shots and has Boimler get them since he left them on the Cerritos. As Boimler goes to get the drinks from the bar, Kayshon, no longer a puppet, approaches a female lieutenant and tries to socialize with her, but his pick-up line annoys her, and she leaves him at the bar. He simply says "Well, Shaka, when the walls fell," and enjoys his drink.

Log entries[]

Memorable quotes[]

"Lieutenant Kayshon, welcome to the Cerritos."
"Rapunki, when he joined the seven. … Ah, sorry. The universal translator doesn't always – what I meant was, uh, it is my honor, Captain."

- Freeman and Kayshon

"Mr. Boimler, attack pattern delta! Target the aft shields. Let's see how these Pakleds do with their aft hanging out!"

- Riker

"Perhaps he preferred to be alone."
"Yeah, I guess more time to enjoy … Kahless' fornication helmet. Oh, that's fun. Safety first!"

- Kayshon and Tendi

"We need to get to the engine room and disable the defenses. For us to make it out of here, we're gonna have to travel into the belly of the beast-"
"Quiet. I've got a safer plan."
"What? No, you don't cut off my badass plan!"

- Mariner and Jet

"Are you talking about the D? The flagship? They went to different dimensions, they fought the Borg, they insurrected!"
"They had regular string quartets. Wow, what a rush."

- Boimler and the Titan's first officer

"Kahless' sex helmet? You took it! That's what set off the ship! This is all your fault, you pervert! No judgement."

- Tendi

"Stay strong, brother. We miners shall overcome."
"Dude, you're clearly Starfleet. Your hands are super soft and clean."
"Uh, no, I'm a miner with a heart of gold. And I have dad issues."

- Boimler and Karzill IV miner

"Aw, man. A copy of me got transported out? Boo."
"I'm the transporter clone? Boo."

- Brad Boimler and William Boimler

"Hey, I wish I could be on a ship that's exploring and solving science mysteries instead of nonstop fighting."
"Like on the D?"
"Exactly. Damn, do I miss that ship. Enjoy it while you have it, Bradward."
"I will, sir."

- Riker and Boimler, as the latter is about to leave the Titan

"What the hell is going on?!"
"The ship tried to collect us, Captain."
"Where is Kayshon?"
"... Kayshon, when he became a puppet."
"This is what hands off gets me?! Well, NEVER AGAIN!!!."

- Freeman, Rutherford and Tendi, after the ensigns escaped the collector's ship.

Background information[]


  • The title was announced on on 23 July 2021. [1]
  • This episode is the twenty-ninth episode or film to feature the name of a character played by a member of the series' regular cast in its title.
    • The title of this episode is also a reference to the Tamarian phrase "Sokath, his eyes opened", which is an allegory for understanding/realization.


  • This episode's airdate coincided with what would have been Gene Roddenberry's 100th birthday, as well as Jonathan Frakes' 69th birthday.
  • The gag towards the end of the episode regarding the corn "pip" is a reference to the occasional animation inconsistencies in rank that can be seen now and then among the Cerritos crew. Notably, Jet Manhaver was seen with the lieutenant's ranking both times he was seen in Season 1. Another notable instance of this is a brief moment with Lieutenant Shaxs in "Moist Vessel", in which he's briefly seen with the rank of commander.


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102nd New York Infantry; 2286; acid; aft; Alfa 177 canine; Antaran; Appellation LaBarre Controlee; appendages; arcade game; arms; Arnock; attack pattern; auction; automated defenses; automated ship; away team; baseball; baseball bat; baseball cap; bat'leth; beam; beaming (emergency transport); beast; "belly of the beast"; Betazoid gift box; bioducts; bloke; blood; "Boims"; bone; Borg; bridge; business card; Bynar; Caitian; captain; case; chairman; Changeling receptacle; Chateau Picard; cheese ball puffs; chief; clone; collectibles; collection; collector; Collector's Guild; Coltrane; combadge; command evaluation; commander; "Commander Protocol"; computer; concerto; containment beam; corn; Curiosity; cutting; cyborg; dad issues; dagger; Darmok; Data; day care centers; debate; disaster recorder; disintegrator; distortion field; doctor; doll; drum set; engine room; ensign; Enterprise-D, USS; Enterprise-E, USS; escape pod; Ethics of Collecting; event horizon; Excalbian; eyes; Fajo, Kivas; Federation Standard; fidget spinner; filter mask; flagship; floor; flying orb; fornication helmet (aka sex helmet); fossil; friction; friend (aka buddy); gelatinous lifeform; gift; Gillespie; gold-pressed latinum; Gorn; guy; hands; Hauze's ship; Hauze's ship escape pod; head; head of security; high-ticket item; high-tops; hinge; holo-message; honor; horga'hn; Horta egg; Hotel Royale; hour; Human rights; hybrid; inorganic matter compactor; ion cloud; Jalad; Japanese Footbridge, The; jar; jerky; judgment; kadis-kot; Kahless the Unforgettable; kar'takin; Karzill IV; Karzill IV inhabitant; Karzill IV's moon; Kataan probe; ketracel-white; Khan's necklace; Klingon disruptor; Ktarian game; Kurlan naiskos; lieutenant; lieutenant junior grade; lirpa; log; Logicians; "loosen up"; Luna-class; Masaka; mek'leth; menagerie; micromanage; Migleemo's species; miner; mining colony; model; Monk; mortals; moss; mugato; mustache; Napean; Natara; Niagara; "Night Bird"; Nintendo Switch; non-humanoid skeletons; nudity; Oberth-class; ocean; ordnance; Orion; outpost; packrats; Pakled (aka "'Led"); Pakled battle harpy (unnamed); Pakled halberd; Pakled Clumpship (unnamed 1 and 2); Pakled shuttle (unnamed); Pegasus, USS; pervert; phaser; photon torpedo; Picard's bust; Picard's painting; pip; poker visor; pretzel rod; puppet; puppet master; puppet ray; puppet therapy; race; rapier; Rapunki; reading; red; Riker, Thaddius; Riker, Thomas; risk; robot; Romulan ale; room; Rouen Cathedral, West Façade; "Ruthy"; salt vampire; saw; sehlat; Seven, The; Shaka; shark; shields; ship; Siggi's ship; Siggi's species; sign; skeleton; smited; snack; Snake-like animal; sonic shower; Spanish language; Starbase 58; stardate; Starfleet Academy; Starfleet uniform (2250s-early 2270s); Starfleet uniform (2370s-early 2380s); Starfleet uniform (early 2380s); stasis box; statue; status report; "staying on top"; stealing; Stevens, Steve; "sticky [fingers]"; Still Life: Vase with Pink Roses; street corn; string quartet; strings; storage locker; subordinates; suck up; tag-and-bag; Tamarian; Tamarian language; Tanagra; Temba; tentacle; Terran Empire flag; terrorist; textbook; thought maker; Titan; Titan, USS (24th century); Titan, USS (unknown era); Titan II; tracking device; training; training drill; transporter clone; trident scanner; trombone; Type 6A shuttlecraft (unnamed); unicorn; Union Army cap; universal translator; ushaan-tor; vacuum (vacuum cleaner drone); Varuvian ore; video game; vinyl record; Volis' species; vote; Vulcan; walls; warp; warp factor; wedding ring; "what a rush"; white rhinoceros; "with their [ass] hanging out"; wormhole; writing; Zibalian; Zinda; zonked

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