Keena was a female Bajoran farmer who had been rendered mute by the Cardassians during the Occupation of Bajor. Keena and Baltrim, also a mute, managed to escape to Jeraddo in 2351, a Bajoran moon, where they took up residence in a cottage along with their friend, a fellow farmer named Mullibok.

However, in 2369, plans to transfer energy from Jeraddo's molten core were put into play, forcing the evacuation of all of Jeraddo's residents. Mullibok, however, refused to allow himself or his friends to be taken from their home.

After initial attempts to convince them to leave were unsuccessful, Major Kira Nerys transported to the moon's surface with two security guards to remove Keena and the others by force. After a brief struggle, both Keena and Baltrim were evacuated. Mullibok, who was injured in the fight, remained behind. He was evacuated soon afterward after Kira destroyed their cottage, giving them no further reason to remain. (DS9: "Progress")

Keena was played by actress Annie O'Donnell.
According to the script for "Progress", Keena was in her 40s in 2369.
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