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Keeve Falor was a well-respected Bajoran who resided in the refugee camps on Valo II in 2368.

When the USS Enterprise-D was investigating terrorist cells in the Valo system, they considered going to meet with a supposedly influential Bajoran named Jas Holza, with whom Beverly Crusher had danced. Ro Laren warned them of that action as she considered Jas Holza to have little knowledge of actual Bajoran activity in the sector. Instead, she recommended "find a man named Keeve Falor. He has no diplomatic experience. And he won't ask you to dance."

Keeve was honored by Captain Jean-Luc Picard's proper use of his family name, and welcomed Ro, who he recognized, but seemed critical of. When Picard requested help in finding Orta, Keeve refused to participate, despite apologizing that a Federation outpost had come under attack – which he considered bad judgment for the cause of the Bajora. He explained how the Federation had not wronged Bajor, but reminded him that they had sat by and watched the planet's culture destroyed in the name of non-interference in Cardassian internal affairs.

When Picard reminded him that he was willing to offer assistance to the Valo refugees, Keeve commented that Bajorans should have attacked the Federation earlier to gain such assistance. After Ro chastised him and Picard supplied a large amount of Humanitarian relief to the camp, whether cooperated with or not, Keeve relented and contacted the Enterprise-D the next day with the coordinates of a meeting place with Orta on the third moon of Valo I. (TNG: "Ensign Ro")

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Keeve Falor was played by Scott Marlowe.

According to the script, Keeve Falor was pronounced as "KEEV fah-LOHR". He was further described in the script as "a man in his forties, proud, honest, plain-speaking. Like all the Bajorans, he is dressed simply, and wears several silver earrings on both ears."

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Keeve Falor appeared in all three Star Trek: Terok Nor novels: Day of the Vipers, Night of the Wolves, and Dawn of the Eagles.

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