Lieutenant Keith G. Rocha, son of Bradley T. Rocha and Wendy D. Rocha, was a Starfleet officer who served until his death in 2369. He was born on stardate 6701.3 in New Lagos, Beta'Elan Minor. He entered Starfleet service on stardate 6723.34.

Rocha's first assignment was as ops aboard the USS Mare Tranquillitatis, under the command of Captain Douglas Drexler. He was decorated twice for valor and given three outstanding evaluations from his previous COs; in addition, Rocha had received two 'superior' ratings in his performance evaluations and was once awarded the Omega Cluster (with pointed leaves).

On a deep-space assignment on a Federation outpost in the Triona system, Lt. Rocha was killed and absorbed by a coalescent organism. The organism then took his form and transferred to Relay Station 47 where it attempted to absorb Lt. Aquiel Uhnari. During its time at the relay station, it recorded a number of personal logs. (TNG: "Aquiel")

Background Information Edit

Rocha was only seen on his personnel computer file and portrayed by an unknown actor.

According to the Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion, Rocha was named after a high school friend of Ronald D. Moore.

According to the script, his last name was pronounced as "RO-cha" (as in Roach). He was described as a "a fit man in his late thirties". [1]

The character's name was briefly and erroneously displayed as "Kevin G. Rocha" during the database search La Forge conducted on the station.

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