Kellan was the First Minister of Rakosa V in 2372. When informed about the threat to his people posed by the Dreadnought missile that year, he believed that the USS Voyager had launched the missile intentionally. Kellan initially believed that Captain Janeway intended to use the missile as leverage to extort resources or supplies from his people. He told Captain Kathryn Janeway that their reputation was well known. Apparently, the Kazon had been spreading lies about Voyager, that it was a warship. Janeway was able to convince him that they were not responsible and would help stop the missile.

Kellan ordered the evacuation of the planet's eastern continent and sent Rakosan defense forces to intercept the missile, although he knew that stopping Dreadnought was beyond his capabilities. Kellan and Janeway began to develop a friendship due to their regular consultations over the crisis. Kellan also encouraged the Captain to call him by his name, saying that he had always had a dislike for the title he held. When Janeway planned to ram the missile with Voyager and sacrifice her crew to save her people, Kellan knew the true intentions of Voyager. Kellan was extremely grateful to the Voyager crew after they successfully destroyed the missile. (VOY: "Dreadnought")

Background information Edit

Kellin was played by actor Dan Kern.

In the final draft script of "Dreadnought", Kellan was described as "fiftyish, thoughtful, concerned leader of Rakosa Five." Upon describing a scene in which he was to look "gaunt" due to stress, Rakosa was likened to "Roosevelt at Yalta", referencing US President Franklin D. Roosevelt looking gaunt at the Yalta Conference in 1945.

In ultimately omitted dialogue from the same scripted scene, it was established that Kellan had just found out that his wife's brother and his family were on holiday in the mountains while the Dreadnought missile approached Rakosa V. Those mountains were two hundred kilometers from the target site, and Kellan had been unable to contact the family.