The Kelpien language was the language of the Kelpiens from the planet Kaminar.

When making first contact with the Kelpien Saru, Lieutenant Philippa Georgiou showed him the universal translator in her communicator making their conversation possible. (ST: "The Brightest Star")

During Airiam's funeral, Saru sang a Kaminar song of remembrance in Kelpien. (DIS: "The Red Angel")

Aradar was also heard speaking Kelpien during the harvest ritual in "The Brightest Star."
The Kelpien language was created by Marc Okrand. [1]

Examples of spoken language

Miankook bakai minakau ... tu dee ben ... toosay doorah, abrahm Saru.
It's a pleasure to finally put a face to the name, Mr. Saru. An entirely new face, at that. (ST: "The Brightest Star")
Key-zhay yoos X!ay-doo-uh-knock cow loo-ruh X!ah-nay-oo X!ine.
I was not certain you would come.
Based on background materials tweeted by Bo Yeon Kim, literally: "I not had-been-certain that you come possible."[2]

X!ung leesay duk X!oo-lay-zak oo-nay mak X!ine?
Might the priest spare a moment? (DIS: "The Sound of Thunder")
Aa X!pee-ota.
Yes, of course.

Ree-joo tayna oo-vay-oo ee-joo mayzka.
Ree-jah tayna oo-vay-nah hen-hee lay-tah.
Pah-kay rah-dee X!ay-see lopa.
Ee-vavay ee-zoo kay loo-pah.
X!ah-vay-jah tay-buh-vay ee-tah sah X!rah-vaa oo-loo.
A Kelpien song of remembrance. (DIS: "The Red Angel")
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