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A kelvin (or K) is a unit of temperature named after Earth physicist and engineer Lord Kelvin. The measurement of 273.15 kelvin is equal to 0 °Celsius, whereas zero kelvin is "absolute zero", or the absence of any thermal motion (heat).

Comparative list of temperatures[]

20 K equals −253.15 °C.

97 K equals −176.15 °C.

360 K equals 86.85 °C.

500 K equals 226.85 °C.


Background information[]

Technically, the measurement for kelvin is not preceded by the qualifier "degree"; however, the term "degrees kelvin" has been used at various times throughout Star Trek. Geordi La Forge made several references to this term in both "The Child" and "Half a Life" rather than (correctly) simply stating "kelvin". Data, also in "Half a Life", Gideon Seyetik in "Second Sight", Chakotay and Harry Kim in "Alter Ego", the computer voice in "Concerning Flight", Tom Paris in "Demon", and Tuvok in "The Haunting of Deck Twelve" were also guilty of adding the additional qualifier.

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