Kendra Province

Kendra Province was a geographical region on Bajor and the location of Kendra Valley.

The soil in this province was suitable for growing kava. (DS9: "Penumbra")

During the Occupation of Bajor, Kendra Province was the site of the infamous Kendra Valley Massacre, where forty-two members of the Bajoran Resistance were killed. (DS9: "The Collaborator")

In 2374, the instability of the Bajoran wormhole due to the Reckoning caused massive earthquakes in Kendra Province, leaving thousands homeless. (DS9: "The Reckoning")

In 2375, Benjamin Sisko bought twelve hecapates of land in Kendra Province, south of the Yolja River, planning to build a house there after the Dominion War ended. He had intended to retire there "and watch the sun set over the mountains every night." (DS9: "Penumbra")

Several weeks later, after Sisko's climactic clash with Dukat in the Fire Caves, Jake Sisko suggested that his father may have gone to the land he bought in Kendra Province. (DS9: "What You Leave Behind")


Background information

According to the script for "The Collaborator", the pronunciation for Kendra was "KEN-drah". [1]

The script of "Penumbra" implied that a place called Adarak was also in the province. [2]

In the first draft script of "When It Rains...", Kendra Province was mentioned by Kai Winn as the site where the Festival of Lights would be held, which she was scheduled to officiate.

According to the reference book Star Trek: Star Charts (p. 42), this province was located in Bajor's northern hemisphere.

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