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Kenneth Beck is an actor and stuntman who worked as stand-in for Vaughn Armstrong on the Star Trek: Enterprise first season episode "Broken Bow". According to the call sheet for the episode he worked on 5 June 2001 on Paramount Stage 18. In addition Beck appeared on-screen as a Human civilian during the launch of Enterprise NX-01 in the same scenes. He later appeared as an Akaali in "Civilization".

Beck served in the Navy as Naval Intelligence Russian linguist and analyst of Soviet Naval Operations and later worked as LAPD undercover narcotics officer.

He was featured in episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm (2001, with Paul Dooley, Christopher Darga, Joy Kilpatrick, Ralph Moratz, and Jimmie F. Skaggs) and Andy Barker, P.I. (2007, with Harve Presnell and Bob Morrisey), the short drama An Open Door (2006), the short film Brenna Rhea: Change (2014), the short comedy According To (2015), the comedy series Hicimos que Donald nos pagara las chelas (2016), the comedy All Out Dysfunktion! (2016, with Kavi Raz and Rene Rosado), and the comedy Sun Dogs (2017, with Jennifer Morrison, Fernando Chien, Al Burke, Solomon Burke, Jr., and Larry Krask).

Beck also worked as construction assistant on episodes of the reality show Crash Gallery (2017) and performed stunts in the action thriller xXx (2002, with Tanner Gill), episodes of Vital Signs (2016, with Dendrie Taylor and coordinated by Lou Simon) and Crazy Love (2018), the short action film The Big Break (2017, with Eddie Davenport and Al Burke and coordinated by Mike Mukatis), and the drama Intolerance: No More (2018, with Al Burke).

More recently, he worked on the thriller A Friend's Obsession (2018, with Al Burke), the short film Childish Gambino: This Is America (2018, with Al Burke), and the horror film BITS (2018).

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