Kentanna was the legendary home of the Skrreeans. In their sacred texts, Kentanna was described as being beyond the "Eye of the Universe". It was a planet of sorrow where the Skrreeans would plant seeds of joy.

In 2370, they believed it would provide them with salvation when they fled the T-Rogorans, who had occupied the Skrreean homeworld centuries ago but had been recently been conquered by the Dominion.

When Haneek and her mates found their way to the Alpha Quadrant through the Bajoran wormhole, she became the de facto leader of the Skrreea. She came to believe Bajor was Kentanna, but the Bajoran Provisional Government was forced to turn them away due to famines and other problems that had arisen on the planet after the Cardassian Occupation. Upon leaving Deep Space 9 for Draylon II, Haneek said to Major Kira, "You were right. Bajor is not Kentanna." (DS9: "Sanctuary")

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