The Kesat were a humanoid species native to a planet in the Delta Quadrant. They had a distinctive rippled brow ridge and nose. They also had a spot pattern above their temples and on their neck.

In 2376, the Federation starship USS Voyager collaborated with the Kesat government after Tuvok was attacked by a Ba'Neth. The Kesat were the nearest neighboring species to the Ba'Neth, but had been unable to prove the existence of the secretive Ba'Neth. Deputy Investigator Naroq of Kesat Security was sent to aid Voyager and was eventually successful in counteracting the Ba'Neth cloaking device. Naroq was then able to trade the photolitic converter he had invented to decloak the Ba'Neth for information regarding the neural disruptor used to attack Tuvok. (VOY: "Riddles")


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