Kesha was Bajoran female who dated Jake Sisko in 2375.

Kesha joined Jake on a date to visit Nog during his stay at Vic's Las Vegas Lounge, in Julian Bashir's holosuite program Bashir 62, which depicted 1962 Las Vegas. Kesha was confused by the old Earth slang of the period that Nog was using, when she did not understand what he meant by "just hanging out".

When asked what she wanted to drink, she ordered a Makara fizz, which Nog informed her they did not serve there. She went ahead and joined in with the table's order of a martini with two olives. While Jake was getting the beverages, Kesha attempted to make small talk with Nog, who was in the process of recovering from the loss of a leg. She told Nog how Jake had told her that Nog was going to be the first Ferengi captain in Starfleet and that Nog was "quite a hero." Nog replied modestly at first to her compliments, before outright scolding her for patronizing him. After giving up on the conversation she inadvertently glanced at Nog's cane, then his biosynthetic limb. Nog instantly noticed and began giving Kesha a hard time, pointedly asking if she was wondering which leg was his new leg.

Moments later, Jake arrived with the martinis, at which point Kesha suggested that it was time to leave. Confused, Jake wondered what had happened, but eventually figured it out. Kesha apologized for making Nog uncomfortable, but he dismissed them anyway. He became angry and threw the table onto Jake.

Later that week, after Nog began to feel better about his situation, he bought Jake and Kesha dinner to apologize for the earlier incident. (DS9: "It's Only a Paper Moon")

Kesha was played by Tami-Adrian George.
Her name is spelled "Keesha" on

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