Kessick was a Xindi-Primate slave on a trellium mining planet in the Delphic Expanse.

Captain Jonathan Archer bribed the mine's foreman to see Kessick in hope of learning the location of the Xindi homeworld. One of Kessick's fingers was cut off to give to Archer as proof of Kessick's Xindi origin. Archer asked Kessick for the coordinates to the Xindi homeworld, but Kessick refused to give them to him. In exchange for the information, he wanted Archer to help him escape.

Since the foreman intended to keep Archer on the mine as forced labor, Kessick offered to get Archer and Trip Tucker to their shuttlepod on the surface, but they had to take him with them, which they agreed to. He led them through the sewage and the plasma ducts. However the administrators of the mines detected them and rerouted the plasma. The trio were captured again and Kessick gave a "performance" on how the Humans forced him to guide them outside.

However when the crew of Enterprise NX-01 realized that Archer and Tucker were going to be kept as slaves, a team of MACOs came to rescue them. Once more, Kessick begged Archer to bring him with them.

Unfortunately Kessick was killed in the escape. He managed to hold on to life long enough in the sickbay to give Phlox the coordinates of Xindus, which had been destroyed 120 years before. (ENT: "The Xindi")

Kessick was played by actor Richard Lineback. His name comes from the script and was not spoken in dialogue.
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