Bottle of ketchup, jar of mustard and salt and pepper

A bottle of ketchup (center right)

Ketchup was a Human condiment used as a dressing for food.

Ketchup was one of the toppings available on Burgerland's hamburgers. In 2004, Jonathan Archer ordered a hamburger with ketchup only. (ENT: "Carpenter Street")

Ketchup was also served, alongside mustard and salt and pepper, at the Pine Tree Bar and Grill in Carbon Creek in 1957. (ENT: "Carbon Creek")


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Klingon ketchup

A bottle of Klingon ketchup at Quark's

Art Department Coordinator Penny Juday had a prop bottle of Klingon ketchup made to feature in Quark's Bar on Deep Space 9 during the show's first season. (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine season 1 DVD special feature "Secrets of Quark's Bar")


In the Star Trek: The Original Series novel Traitor Winds, Nyota Uhura, Pavel Chekov and Hikaru Sulu are hunted by assassins and stow away aboard the partially-disassembled USS Enterprise. While hiding, they try to coax edible food out of an unfinished food synthesizer which makes for them a plate of tortellini, although in place of the normal tomato sauce, the confused machine provides the dish covered with ketchup instead.

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