Keto-Enol was an inhabited class M planet settled by the Enolians. It was the busiest trading outpost in its star system.

During the mid-22nd century, smuggling, among many other crimes, was rampant in Keto-Enol's system. To enforce their laws, the Enolians set up strict rules throughout the star system, including the fact that people caught would be sent to a prison camp, and then tried.

In 2152, Captain Archer and Commander Tucker visited Keto-Enol, and had a successful first contact. They landed and played pan zan, a local sport similar to water polo. However, on their way out, they were arrested for what the Enolian Guard thought was contraband, and they were sent to Canamar.

Later, Enterprise NX-01 visited the planet to pick up an Enolian official, to help them find their missing crew. (ENT: "Canamar")

The final draft script of "Canamar" identified this planet as class M.
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