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Kevin was one of two Teenaxi inadvertantly beamed aboard the USS Enterprise when members of his delegation attacked Captain James T. Kirk on a diplomatic mission in 2263.

Struggling with Kirk on the transporter pad, Kevin and his companion escaped the Enterprise transporter room and were pursued down a corridor by two crewmen.

Following the destruction of the Enterprise and the reunion of her crew at Starbase Yorktown, Kevin attended the birthday celebration for Kirk wearing – as Kirk noted – a blue shirt, but "still no pants". (Star Trek Beyond)

A mock-up of Kevin in a Starfleet sciences division uniform tunic (adorned with lieutenant's rank stripes) was used during the production of Star Trek Beyond and later replaced with a digital version of the character wearing civilian clothing in post-production.
A photograph of Chris Pine holding Kevin on his lap appeared on Twitter. [1]
The tenth issue of Star Trek: Boldly Go is focused on Kevin, who is working with Keenser in the reconstruction of the Enterprise and sees visits by both Scott and the Starfleet cadets and the Teenaxi flagship.

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