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Kevin Neil Derr (born 13 April 1981; age 38) is a stuntman and stunt actor who performed stunts as Corporal Kelly in several episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise as well as in several other roles. He received no on-screen credits for all of his appearances. He wore also the MACO uniform with the nametag E. Hamboyan, although this character was played by extra Andrew MacBeth.

Derr was born in Hollywood, California. In 2004 he was nominated for two Taurus World Stunt Awards for best specialty stunt and best overall stunt by a stuntman for his work in the film Seabiscuit. He has doubled for stars such as Tobey Maguire and Guy Pearce.

His stunt resume includes films such as Swordfish (2001), The Time Machine (2002, written by John Logan), Spider-man (2002, with Kirsten Dunst), Seabiscuit (2003), The Island (2005, with Ethan Phillips, Noa Tishby, Randy Oglesby, Katy Boyer, Glenn Morshower, and stunts by Eddie Braun, Alex Chansky, Steve Kelso, Denney Pierce, Justin Sundquist, and Spice Williams-Crosby), Poseidon (2006), and World Trade Center (2006).

He has also performed stunts in television series such as Alias, American Dreams (starring Ethan Dampf), Medium, Six Feet Under, and CSI: Miami (2006).

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