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Kevin Michael Grover was a regular background actor on several episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Voyager. He mostly portrayed Cardassians and "Westmore aliens", but also played several other background roles. As a background performer he received no credit for his appearances. Grover was named "Kevin, the Cardassian" on set. Parts of his make-up were once sold by auction. [1]

For the episode "Defiant", Grover filmed his scenes between Monday 3 October 1994 and Wednesday 5 October 1994 on Paramount Stage 4.

Grover played a Sign Language Speaking Golfer in the 1996 comedy Spy Hard, which also features Star Trek performers Michael Berryman, Keith Campbell, Paul Eliopoulos, Bruce Gray, John Kassir, Diane and Elaine Klimaszewski, Clyde Kusatsu, Katherine Moffat, and Peewee Piemonte.

Star Trek appearances

Further appearances

  • DS9:
    • multiple episodes as a Cardassian
    • multiple episodes as a Bajoran security deputy
    • multiple episodes as a Jem'Hadar
    • at least one episode as a Starfleet ensign
    • at least one episode as a Breen
    • multiple episodes as different Westmore aliens

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