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Kevin P. Stillwell is the actor who played the role of the holographic Klingon Moklor in the Star Trek: Voyager fourth season episode "Day of Honor". He filmed his scenes on Thursday 3 July 1997 on Paramount Stage 16.

Stillwell earned his BFA in Acting and Directing from Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts. He trained acting, stunts, and stage combat in Boston, New York, and Los Angeles under Jerry Beaver, B.H. Barry, Tino Gonzalez, and Ernie Orsatti. Working with the Atlanta and Georgia Shakespeare Ensemble, he played Lord Capulet in Romeo & Juliet, Rod Harper in Calendar Girls, and supporting roles in the plays Julius Caesar, Richard III, and A Christmas Carol.

Following his guest role in Star Trek, Stillwell also guest-starred in episodes of Conan (1998, with T.J. Storm) and Drop Dead Diva (2011, with Raphael Sbarge) and appeared in the fantasy comedy Black Knight (2001, with Kevin Conway and Jeff Chase), the drama Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius (2004, with Malcolm McDowell), the romance The Work and the Glory (2004, with Sam Hennings, Brenda Strong, Edward Laurence Albert, and Wayne Grace), the television drama 3: The Dale Earnhardt Story (2004, with Joe Chrest), the television comedy My Future Boyfriend (2011), the science fiction drama Looper (2012, with Jeff Chase and Brian Oerly), and the drama Brother's Keeper (2013, with Ray Wise).

Trained in stunts and having worked as swordsmaster, Stillwell choreographed the fight sequences for the 2004 short television drama Land of the Free.

More recently, he appeared in episodes of Quantico (2015, with Cheryl Lewis and Angela Meryl and stunt coordination by Thom Williams) and Containment (2016), in the television drama Confirmation (2016, with Tom Virtue and Kristen Ariza), the television drama The Secret She Kept (2016), the drama LBJ (2016, with Tim Ransom, Eddie Matthews, Brett Baker, and Mark Riccardi), and the thriller The Dark Red (2016).

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