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Kevin Scott Allen is the actor who played a Jem'Hadar soldier in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine final episode "What You Leave Behind".

Allen's first on-screen appearances were in the 1970s, with guest appearances in Bearcats!" and The Waltons. In the 1980s he guest-starred in St. Elsewhere (with David Birney) and Ed Begley, Jr.), Otherworld (with Robert O'Reilly, Mark Lenard, Jonathan Banks, Brian Thompson and Michael McGrady), What a Country (with Gail Strickland, Vijay Amritraj, George Murdock and Ada Maris) and Dragnet (with Thalmus Rasulala).

In the 1990s, Allen had a recurring role as Ed in the series Homefront and also guest-starred in Courthouse (with Ernest Perry, Jr. and Kenneth Tigar).

More recently, he guest-starred in two episodes of J.J. Abrams' series Alias, as well as Joan of Arcadia (with Michael Welch) and 24 (with Gregory Itzin and Jude Ciccolella).

In 2006, he starred in the movies The Machiavelli Hangman, Abe & Bruno, The Chase, and Le Petomane: Parti Avec Le Vent.

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