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Kiante K. Elam (born 1972) is a stuntman and stunt actor who performed stunts in several episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Enterprise and in Star Trek: Insurrection. He received no credit for his television appearances.

Elam has doubled for stars such as Samuel L. Jackson, Orlando Jones, and Chris Rock. He is the son of stuntman and stunt coordinator Greg Wayne Elam and the brother of stuntmen Ousaun Elam and Kofi Elam.

Among his resume are films such as Deep Cover (1992, with Victoria Dillard, Clarence Williams III, Gregory Sierra, Kamala Dawson, and stunts by Eddie Braun, Tony Brubaker, Phil Chong, Eugene Collier, Frankie Garbutt, Steve Kelso, Henry Kingi, Sr., Rusty McClennon, Bill McIntosh, Bob Minor, Rita Minor, Tom Morga, and Branscombe Richmond), Robin Hood: Men in Tights (1993), Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday (1993), Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult (1994), Double Dragon (1994), Batman Forever (1995, with Rene Auberjonois, Eileen Seeley, Gary Kasper, Noby Arden, Kevin Grevioux, Peewee Piemonte, Mike Smith, Ed Begley, Jr., and stunts by Richard L. Blackwell, Diamond Farnsworth, Scott McElroy, Jeff Smolek, Jennifer Caputo, Doug Coleman, Linda Fetters, Anita Hart, Dana Hee, Kim Koscki, and Rick Sawaya), Up Close & Personal (1996), The Long Kiss Goodnight (1996), Batman & Robin (1997), Senseless (1998), Blade (1998), Deep Blue Sea (1999), Shaft (2000, with Vanessa Williams), We Were Soldiers (2002), Jeepers Creepers II (2003), xXx: State of the Union (2005), and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (2006, with Lee Arenberg, Vanessa Branch, and stunts by Joey Anaya, Tony Angelotti, Noby Arden, Dan Barringer, Alex Chansky, Jay Caputo, Mark De Alessandro, Thomas DuPont, Paul Eliopoulos, Sonia Jo McDancer, Theo Kypri, Christopher Leps, Derek Mears, Tom Morga, Denney Pierce, Mark Aaron Wagner, Lincoln Simonds, Brian J. Williams, Jeff Wolfe, and Lisa Hoyle).

He has also performed in television series such as Rescue 911 (with William Shatner), Oz, and Line of Fire (2003, with Edward Conna, Stephen Lee, and Leslie Hope).

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