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This page contains information regarding Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, and thus may contain spoilers.

Kiley 279 was the inhabited second planet in the Kiley system. An M-class world, it had at least five moons and was home to the Kiley, a pre-warp humanoid species. A type of flocking bird was also native to the planet. (SNW: "Strange New Worlds")

Astronomical data

Planetary data for Kiley 279

Kiley 279 was located at coordinates 2348.8711, in the Alpha Quadrant. Its rotation period was 27.1 hours and its revolution period was 404.6 solar days. The planet had an estimated mass of 5.86335 x 1024 kilograms and an estimated age of 5.5 billion solar years. Its atmosphere was composed of 76% molecular nitrogen, 22% molecular oxygen, 0.8% argon, 0.6% carbon dioxide, and 0.5% nitrous oxide, with trace amounts of methane and glycine. It had a mean surface temperature of 15.4 degrees Celsius. (SNW: "Strange New Worlds")


Kiley 279 had long been divided into two factions, whose mutual animosity had nearly escalated to the point of global civil war by the mid-23rd century. In 2259, Starfleet detected a warp signature from the planet and sent the USS Archer to investigate. Its crew of three, led by Commander Una Chin-Riley, beamed down to make first contact but were imprisoned by the Kiley.

The USS Enterprise subsequently arrived at Kiley 259 to find the Archer abandoned in orbit and no evidence of warp-capable civilization on the surface. A disguised landing party, led by Captain Christopher Pike, rescued the Archer's crew and learned that the warp signature had in fact originated from a warp bomb, constructed by the Kiley after they observed the battle against Control a year earlier.

Given the Federation's inadvertent contribution to the looming crisis on the planet. Pike elected to disregard General Order 1 and reveal themselves so as to broker peace between the factions. He showed the Kiley leaders and population visual records of the devastation suffered by Earth during World War III, and urged them to avoid a similar fate and join the Federation instead. The Kiley thus decided to put aside their differences and pursue space travel as a united people. (SNW: "Strange New Worlds")