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Kim Meredith is an actress and licensed nurse who made an appearance as a dabo girl in an episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. As a background actress, Meredith received no credit for her work. [1]

According to IMDb, she played a dabo girl in the episode "A Man Alone". This has yet to be verified.

Born in California, Meredith started her acting career at the age of eight when she appeared in a shampoo commercial alongside her mother. She studied acting at the Actors Studio under Shelley Winters and Clyde Ventura and performed in various stage plays in Los Angeles and New York.

Her first supporting screen roles are in Oliver Stone's music drama The Doors (1991), Leonard Nimoy's comedy Funny About Love (1990, with Freda Foh Shen, Paul Collins, and Andrew Hill Newman), in three episodes of the news program Hard Copy (1990-1991), and in three episodes of the daily soap The Young and the Restless (1992, with Athena Massey and Mark Correy). In 1997 she landed the role of Amber in the horror comedy An American Vampire Story, followed by appearances in the crime movie Flipping (1997, with Mike Starr and Nick Dimitri), Letters to My Mother's Early Lovers (1998), the television series Passions (2001), the short film First Light (2002), Barry Levinson's comedy Envy (2004, with Tom McCleister, Randall Bosley, and Ted Rooney), the House M.D. episode Control (2005, with Jennifer Morrison and Andrew Borba), and an episode of the daily soap General Hospital (2005).

Between 2003 and 2006 she portrayed the supporting character Nurse Jenny in several episodes of the drama series Strong Medicine, where she appeared alongside Michelle Horn and Stephen Pisani. Whoopi Goldberg served as executive producer during the first seasons.

More recently, Meredith played a prostitute in the television comedy Case Closed (2007, with Estelle Harris) and Nurse Samantha in the short drama Girrl (2007) and its following feature film Girrl (2008).

Because of her experience as a licensed Pediatric ICU and ER Nurse, Meredith served as medical technical adviser on episodes of Grey's Anatomy (2006, with Jack Axelrod), 24 (2007, with James Cromwell and Tzi Ma), and Heroes (2008, with Malcolm McDowell, Zachary Quinto, Cristine Rose, and George Takei), and is also working as a screenwriter and playwright in the Los Angeles area.

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