Kima was a student at the WSA in San Francisco, Earth in 2385. Her mother was an anti-grav rigger at the Utopia Planitia Shipyards on Mars, while Kima attended school on Earth.

Kima had a conflict with fellow student Lil. On First Contact Day, Lil knocked Kima's bag off her shoulder, causing Kima to be late for the school shuttle. When Kima arrived (late) to class, she purposefully shoved Lil with her bag. Lil sent a drawing of their teacher, Mrs. K, to Kima's computer, which got Kima in trouble when the teacher saw it. Later, in the school library, Kima tripped Lil. Enraged, Lil followed Kima to her locker and began a fistfight with her.

The two girls were awaiting punishment when news of the synth attack on Mars broke. In light of the devastation and the unknown fate of their parents (Lil's father also being a resident of Mars), Kima and Lil put aside their differences and held hands. (ST: "Children of Mars")

Kima was played by Ilamaria Ebrahim.
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