The Kinbori were a spacefaring species native to the Delta Quadrant.

Kinbori racket

The racket given to Voyager by the Kinbori

A Kinbori delegation visited the USS Voyager while it was docked to the Markonian outpost in 2376. They presented Captain Kathryn Janeway the gift of a large device with four rackets that was used in one of their sacred games.

Tom Paris, Harry Kim, and five other Voyager crew members were subsequently involved in a brawl with thirteen Kinbori during one of the games, when a Kinbori on the opposing team began attacking them with the racket after the first serve. They joined in, mistakenly believing it was part of the game. According to Harry, he and Paris "kicked their rackets". (VOY: "Survival Instinct")

This species was only mentioned in dialogue.
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