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The Kir'Shara.


The Kir'Shara, activated.

The Kir'Shara is an ancient Vulcan artifact, containing the writings of Surak.

In 2154, the writings of Surak were known only through fragmentary translations. The Syrrannites believed that the Kir'Shara would be found in or near the T'Karath Sanctuary, but although their leader Syrran posessed the katra of Surak, they were unable to find it. When Syrran died and transferred Surak's katra to Jonathan Archer, Archer learned of the Kir'Shara's location and discovered it shortly before the monastery was bombed by the Vulcan High Command.

The Kir'Shara itself was a small pyramid with a narrow base, slightly less than one meter in height. It had writing in ancient Vulcan on each of its three sides. It was found in a sealed chamber beneath the monastery, which Archer was able to open by touching certain letters.

Archer, T'Pol and the surviving Syrannite leader T'Pau carried the Kir'Shara from the ruins of the monastery to the Vulcan capital, where they revealed it to the Vulcan High Command. Archer touched certain letters on the relic, which glowed green and then projected Vulcan text holographically in a circular pattern in the air. This text was Surak's testament.

The discovery of the Kir'Shara transformed Vulcan society, initiating a widespread return to the true teachings of Surak. T'Pau said it would may take years to translate all of the writing, but its revelation (and the circumstances surrounding it) were sufficient to topple the Vulcan High Command and the government of V'Las.



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