Kiros was an Arkarian member of a group of mercenaries that boarded the USS Enterprise-D during preparations for a baryon sweep in 2369 at Arkaria Base with the intent of stealing trilithium resin.

As Captain Jean-Luc Picard attempted to sabotage their plan, Kiros captured him and brought him to Kelsey, when Picard insisted that he was the ship's barber, Mot. Eventually, Picard interfered further with their plan, subduing other members of the team. Kiros was instructed to meet Kelsey and Neil in Ten Forward, the last section of the ship that would be hit with the sweep. Kelsey secretly murdered Neil, and claimed that the sweep had killed him when Kiros asked where he was.

It was then Picard revealed his true identity and offered himself as a hostage in place of the trilithium resin they intended to steal. They explained that the team was not interested in terrorism, only profit. Just before her escape with Kelsey, Kiros was knocked unconscious by a small powder explosion set by Picard in Ten Forward. Almost immediately after the explosion she was killed by the baryon sweep passing through the ship. (TNG: "Starship Mine")

Kiros was played by stunt actress Patricia Tallman.
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