Klingon concertina

A Klingon concertina

The Klingon concertina was a small, handheld Klingon musical instrument related to the accordion.

The Klingon chef aboard Deep Space 9 owned one of these instruments and used it to entertain his customers at the Klingon restaurant. (DS9: "Playing God")

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Klingon concertina sketch

Klingon concertina sketch

This instrument was designed by Jim Martin, his original sketches appeared in the reference book The Making of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (p. 22), which also revealed that, in typical Klingon fashion, this concertina could also be used as a weapon. The same sketch also appeared in the DS9 Season 2 DVD Special Features.

The Klingon concertina seen in "Playing God" was sold off on the Profiles in History auction. [1] [2]

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