The Klingon sacred texts were a set of written documents by various authors related to Klingon spirituality and held in high regard by most Klingons, guiding many aspects of their lives.

Stories of the Klingon Empire founder Kahless the Unforgettable were within the pages of the texts, with one exception. However, the story of the forging of the Sword of Kahless was never written down, being known only by the High Clerics so that they might use it for proving the veracity of an individual's claim of being Kahless.

According to the texts, Kahless would return to the Klingons on Boreth. In the late 2360s, the High Clerics gave the experiences of Kahless as recorded in the sacred texts to their clone of Kahless. There experiences were considered as a exceptional form of memory. (TNG: "Rightful Heir")

During the 23rd century, a group of Klingons discovered sacred texts in scroll form telling them to embark on a journey to a distant part of the galaxy in order to seek out the kuvah'magh and follow him / her anywhere.

Additionally, other passages were present:

  • "You will find me after two warring houses make peace;"
  • They would "know me before I know the world;"
  • Once the kuvah'magh was found, "you will cast off the old ways."

One of the followers of this texts, Kohlar, admitted that they might be divinely inspired or scrawled by a madman in a cave. (VOY: "Prophecy")

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